​MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! American babies saved from Hilary Clinton’s Genocide!

Trump has won the elections. The liberals and the lying Main Stream Media have lost the game. The American people have finaly spoken. But the war is not over we need to root out the lies of the Liberals. At least tens of thousands of babies have been saved from Hilary Clinton’s intended genocide through abortion. Planned Parenthood is an enemy of babies and must be starved of cash and be bankrupted. This evil and satanic industry that sacrifice innocent babies to gods of the earth. Iam happy my side has won. When Trump was campaigning I took up to social media to persuade American voters to elect Trump. At least l added a voice to the cause.  Collen Makumbirofa; Email: Makumbirofa@protonmail.com


About facadeofusa

I am an ardent of freedom of speech, freedom of assembly, free market economy and the right of citizens to bear and own firearms. Its time for me to express my views about politics and economics. The only way to prosperity in any country is free market economy and a limited government that does not interfere with production and business. The civil government was meant to be a ministry of justice with limited role. Controlling of economy by government is usurpation of responsibilities and will results in poverty and degradation of the lives of citizens. Too much controls and prosperity are not found in same place. EMAIL: makumbirofa@gmail.com
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